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What does "WIC" stand for?
Women, Infants and Children Supplemental Food and Nutrition Education Program.

Why is WIC a "supplemental" food program?
WIC  provides  some -- not all -- of the  foods  that participants need each month.

How long can my child participate in WIC?
Infants are enrolled until their first birthday.  Children can be re-enrolled every year until age five, as long as they remain eligible.

What can be used as "proof of identity?"
Birth certificate, or a photo ID including a school ID, driver’s license, passport or other government issued photo ID.  For those already enrolled, you can use your eWIC card for identity. 
Where can I use my eWIC Card?
Wisconsin eWIC cards can be used at any Wisconsin grocery (or pharmacy) that is authorized to accept eWIC cards. Wisconsin eWIC cards can only be used in Wisconsin.

What should I do if I lose my eWIC card, or it is stolen?
Contact your WIC project immediately.  We can replace your missing card.

Is WIC found throughout the United States?
Yes.  The WIC program is in every state, as well as in the 32 Indian Tribal Organizations, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and Guam.

What happens if I'm enrolled on WIC and later move to another city or state?
If you are currently enrolled in WIC, you can transfer to a WIC project in another city and/or state.  If you are moving out of state, ask your Seeds of Health WIC office for a Verification of Certification (VOC). Once there, contact the local health department to find the nearest WIC project. When you go to the new WIC Project, take your VOC and Wisconsin eWIC card to show you are in a current certification period. To transfer to another city within the state, please take your Wisconsin eWIC card to the new WIC Project.