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Using Your New eWIC Card

Using Your New eWIC Card

Forgot your PIN?

  • Your PIN will be locked if the wrong PIN was entered 4 times in a row. It will be locked at least until midnight.
  • If you remember it later, you can go online: or call: 1-877-231-3452 and enter the correct PIN. Your account will unlock at midnight.
  • If you don’t remember the correct PIN, call the WIC office to have it unlocked.

Know your Food Balance

  • Use your phone app (Click here for more information)
  • Use your shopping list provided to you by WIC.
  • Keep your eWIC shopping receipts.
  • If you didn't keep your last receipt: 
    • Check your food balance on the eWIC website,
    • Call the eWIC automated Phone line, 1-877-231-3452
    • The WIC office can print a benefit balance for you
    • Ask a cashier or customer service desk at the store where you shop

If an item doesn’t ring up as a WIC food

  • It might not be on your food benefit prescription
  • You might not have enough balance left
  • It might not be in the WIC Approved Food booklet
  • It might not yet be in the computer’s system
If this happens, the cashier cannot change this or let you buy that food with your eWIC card.

If you have any questions,

call the WIC office at

(414) 385-5611