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Nutritious Foods

WIC food benefits provide an array of nutritious, healthy foods including fruits and vegetables, milk, eggs, cereal, and more (link). Using your eWIC card at the store is easy. For more information on WIC approved foods and how to use your card at the store, click here.
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Nutrition Education

You will not only have access to healthy foods, you will learn all about it, how to shop for it, prepare it, and get your family to enjoy healthy choices. We provide nutrition education on site and online via .

Breastfeeding Support

We are here to help moms successfully reach their breastfeeding goals. WIC offers free breastfeeding classes, anticipatory guidance, and support from experienced lactation staff and a mother to mother peer program. We can help you obtain a breast pump and provide other resources including Coffective and successful hand expression.

Community of Support

Good nutrition is a vital part of giving children a good start in life. WIC also provides referrals for family and community health services, immunizations, and other community resources.


The Wisconsin MyWIC app is available for iPhone and Android.
With the app you can
  • Search WIC Foods
  • View Benefit Balance
  • Find Stores
  • View WIC Messages
  • Scan a food item to check eligibility